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Council Chamber
401 Festival Lane
Sherwood Park, AB

Chief Commissioner - Introduction of Topics


Programming Update


FOIP Section 24, advice from officials

Public Member Recommendations for Appointment to Boards and Committees – Fall 2023


FOIP Section 17, harmful to personal privacy
FOIP Section 29, information available or to be available to the public

Annual Chief Commissioner Performance Evaluation


FOIP Section 17, harmful to personal privacy
FOIP Section 19, confidential evaluations
FOIP Section 27, legal privilege

Added at the meeting

Request to Host RMA Function


FOIP Section 21, harmful to intergovernmental relations
FOIP Section 24, advice from officials

Related Materials - Closed Session


To present Planning and Development Services and Transportation and Engineering Operations current approach to communications for infrastructure, land use changes and related projects and seek Council approval for proposed recommended improvements.

To provide information on the ongoing work to update the Council Code of Conduct Bylaw and to seek Council direction on next steps.


05:00 PM

The purpose of proposed Bylaw 41-2023 is to consider closure of a part of Original Government Road Allowance within SW 13-53-23-W4 to allow for the transfer and consolidation into the adjacent parcel.

To provide information to Council to make a decision on removing the Municipal Reserve designation from a portion of Plan 0740040, Block 155, Lot 6MR to facilitate the construction of an underground parking structure to support the second stage of the adjacent multi-residential development within the Emerald Hills Urban Village.

To add or remove items from the Councillor Request Report; and to serve Notices of Motion that will be brought forward for debate at a future Council meeting.

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