Meeting #:
Open Session:
Council Chamber
401 Festival Lane
Sherwood Park, AB


To provide the Priorities Committee with the final draft documents for the Bremner Area Project.

External Presenters:
Holly Parkis, Senior Analyst, Manager, Special Studies, SMA Consulting Ltd.
Yolanda Lew, Community Development Sector Lead Principal, Planning, Stantec Consulting
Sherry Baik, Land Development Technologist, Stantec Consulting
Alyssa Peters, Transportation Engineer, Stantec Consulting
Michele Perret, Principal, Community Engagement Lead, Stantec Consulting
Greg Tippett, Principal, Utilities Lead, Stantec Consulting

To provide the Priorities Committee an update on the Kinsmen Leisure Centre renovations; including project scope, timeline, operational impacts and communication plan.

To provide the Priorities Committee with an approach and next steps for an After Action Report (AAR) on the response to the County Hall/Community Centre Parkade Incident.

To provide the Priorities Committee with an update on the Library’s activities since the November 6, 2018 parkade incident.

External Presenter:
Sharon Siga, CEO, Strathcona County Library
Anna Pandos, Chair, Strathcona County Library Board 

To update the Priorities Committee regarding CN's plans.

External Presenters:
Dawn Newton, Executive Director, CN Community Board
Karen Anne Jensen, Business Development Manager
Greg Karpo, Business Development Manager
Julianne Threlfall, Manager Public Works, Design & Construction

2019 Pride of Strathcona Awards – Selection of Award Recipients

FOIP Sections 17, harmful to personal privacy
FOIP Sections 24, advice from officials
FOIP Sections 29, information available or to be available to the public

To select the 2019 Pride of Strathcona Awards recipients.

The Priorities Committee is provided with the listed reports in this section for information only. Presentations are not heard at the meeting.

To provide Priorities Committee with information on the County’s ability to charge involved parties’ insurance for the cost of responding to emergencies on both local and provincial roads and highways, as well as fire response.

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